Nclex Review

What is NCLEX?

Nclex is a licensing exam for Nurses in United States of America and also in Canada since 1982 & 2015 respectively. Nclex is a comprehensive means of testing the minimum competency required to deliver safe effective entry level Nursing care.

There are types of Nclex Exams Available depending on the Educational Qualifications, Nclex-PN & Nclex-RN. Those who have obtain Licensed Vocational Nursing or Licensed Practical Nursing Program take Nclex-PN & Those who have obtained Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN) take Nclex-RN Examinations.

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Nclex Study Notes

Nclex is an easy Exam when you prepare in a certain way that brings out your Clinical Knowledge during Nursing Practice. For that, you must have deep knowledge of basics in Nursing & different disease conditions. The Study Notes given in this section are comprehensive and aims to meet the Nclex Questions.

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Nclex-RN Practice Questions & Answers

Nclex Questions are set to test the competency of Entry Level Nurses. Based on client needs there are four major following categories from which questions are asked.

  1. Safe & Effective care environment
  2. Health Promotion & Maintenance
  3. Psychosocial Integrity
  4. Physiological Integrity

The Questions are formulated based on the latest (April 2019) Test Plan of Nclex RN as given by National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).