Why it is named “By The Nurse” (BTN) ?… It is a questions that might come to you….. I named it “By The Nurse” because Both the Author of content and Administrator of this website is me (G.sudhakar BSN) who is a Registered Nurse.

The main Aim of the “By The Nurse”  is  “Easying Nursing”……………..

I have come across various myths about “Nursing Profession”. One among that is “Nclex Exam”. Specifically Nclex is tougher one to pass and you need to struggle a lot to become a RN or a LPN.

The matter behind passing Nclex relies on your Passion, Correct Planning, Hard work, Test Practices etc. So BTN decided to Guide and Encourage Nurses towards passing Nclex Exam.

BTN provides you the perfect Nclex Study Notes, Practice Questions, Tips  and more about the Nclex Examination.

Resources here are designed to meet the latest test plan of NCSBN.

Nurses are the backbone of any hospital who is the chief coordinator health care delivery system. BTN is really happy to help Nurses achieving their dream of passing Nclex.